How To Deal With College Homework – Time-Saving Strategies

College homework is another ballgame

When school is over, students rejoice over the assumption- that there will be no homework pressure ahead. But when they get into college, this notion changes. Not only the homework pressure is pretty high in college but also it’s more complicated. If during school you used to push your home-task till the very last minute, then it’s time to alter this habit.

A roadmap to save time on college homework

  • Understand the instruction carefully
  • If you had been a shy student throughout your school days and never spoke up in the class to clear your doubts, then change yourself now. College projects are more elaborate in nature and to do them effectively- you need to first understand the question properly. Many a times, students feel intimidated to ask the professor for clarification inside a full classroom. This habit leads to wastage of time as they fail to grasp later- what is required through the home-task.

  • Do the tasks as soon as possible
  • Don’t push the home-task as far back as possible. If you start early on working on the project, you will be able to finish it off soon. You can also work with your friend for the added motivation. Both of you can set a deadline in finishing off the home-task together and start once- the classes are just over. Not only this procedure gives you the chance to help each other out, but also it will produce a healthy competition between you two.

  • Keep yourself at pace with the class
  • The key here is to stay focused in the class and keeping yourself updated about- what’s been taught right now. As we all know that each chapter in a text book is co-related and if a specific task from a specific chapter is given to the students, then knowledge of the past chapters will also come handy in solving them. The best way to do it is to take down running notes as well as going through texts, once the lecture is over.

  • Make a routine
  • If you are living in the hostel, then it’s all the more important to make a routine. It will infuse discipline in your life as well as save time for doing home-tasks. In your routine, always put the class projects as the number one priority. This habit may initially distract or bore you a lot but eventually you will get accustomed to it. If you have attention problem, then narrow down the home-task in smaller chunks that can be achievable within 30 minutes.

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Study regularly.

Do not try and rush through your work in one day. Instead make a specific time as your “homework time” and make it the same time each day.

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