7 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned In Middle Schools

There is always controversy surrounding the subject of homework in middle schools. There are many good points on either side. It really should come down to what is best for the individual child but that is just not possible. It comes down to what the school district wants to do. Here are 7 reasons why homework should be banned in middle schools:

  1. Homework causes unnecessary stress on a child. They are in school all day and are told what to do and when. It is stress on a child to have to come home and do other work independently.
  2. Homework gets in the way of family time and quality time with their children. By the time they get home from school and parents get home from work it is time for dinner. Then there is barely enough time for bath and bed let alone trying to fit in homework. When can you spend quality time with your child with all of this to do?
  3. Homework gets in the way of children being free to do nothing but play. Children are in school all day. They need time to relax and be a child when they get home.
  4. Children need to get outside every day and exercise for a least a couple of hours. There is absolutely no time for any physical activities on a daily basis if kids have be at school all day then come home to more homework at night.
  5. Homework has been proven NOT to help with grades. It is really just unpaid, forced labor with no beneficial outcome.
  6. Children need to have free time to explore other areas of interest and broaden their horizons. They should be allowed to do other extra-curricular activities. If there is homework, there is no time for anything else.
  7. Homework causes problems and arguments between parent and child. It is not the parent’s responsibility to do the teachers job. Parents need stress-free time with their child once they get home with them in the evening.

Homework is fast becoming a thing of the past especially because it doesn’t improve a student’s performance in school. If that is the case, there has to be a change in how it is being done. What can be done to improve the student’s grades? Children need to be children even during the school year. Let them have some freedom and you may find they will pick up a book all on their own.

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Study regularly.

Do not try and rush through your work in one day. Instead make a specific time as your “homework time” and make it the same time each day.

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