Life Hacks That Can Help You Do Math Homework Easily

Everybody hates math homework. I honestly do not know a single person who loves doing it. We all still do our assignments, but that doesn't mean it has to be absolute torture to do them. There are plenty of hacks to make your homework easy and less daunting.

  1. Use the PhotoMath app
  2. This awesome app lets you take a picture of the problem and gives you the solution for it. Yes, t only works for certain operations, and only on printed numbers and letter, but, the result is usually correct. Also, you can see the steps to solving the equation, problem or whatever, and that helps you not only learn but also copy them on the answer sheet.

  3. Do your homework when you're supposed to, not 5 minutes before class starts
  4. If you do your assignments on time, chances are you’ll be able to compare with others who did the same with time to go over and correct your and their mistakes.

  5. Do it with a friend
  6. If you do your homework with your friends, you can all work on the problems and help each other understand them.

  7. Look for the answers online
  8. If you have an assignment from the textbook, chances are you can find the answers online by just Googling its title and the exercise set. You probably will have to do the procedure yourself, but with the answer there, everything is easier.

  9. Use Mathway
  10. Mathway works the same as PhotoMath but without taking pictures, you just select the class you're in, type in the problem, and you get the answer.

  11. Write down all the formulas you use for your subject and keep them handy
  12. Writing down the formulas not only helps you learn them, but also gives you a handy cheat sheet for your assignments without having to go back and look all through your notes and textbook. Write them on a flash card or make flash cards with them.

  13. If you get stuck on something or don't understand the subject watch explanations on YouTube
  14. There are great explanations, easy and to the point. It's like having your own personal teacher

  15. Go to Pinterest and look for math life hacks
  16. There are plenty more life hacks than these, and you can find many on Pinterest and Tumblr if you look for them

  17. Use WolframAlpha
  18. It has the same uses as Mathway and PhotoMath, but you can probably find the answers to more equation types

  19. Play math games in your spare time
  20. Instead of playing Flappy Bird or whatever, play math games and gets practice in a fun way.

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Study regularly.

Do not try and rush through your work in one day. Instead make a specific time as your “homework time” and make it the same time each day.

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